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Upgrade and Rebuild your KMT machine

Upgrade your existing LIDKÖPING grinding machine.

A machine upgrade by KMT Precision Grinding is an excellent and affordable
way to update your plant and improve its productivity, packages consisting of hardware and/or services
which improves existing machines with respect to:

- Machine performance
- Prolong machine life time
- Monitor need for maintenance
- Higher accuracy
- Upgrade to todays standard level
- Increase productivity

Even a modest investment in a KMT upgrade will benefit your company in many ways from improving production flow to simplifying machine operations, set-up, and maintenance.

In short, an investment in any upgrade from new controls to updated electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems will quickly pay for itself.

The mission of KMT’s Customer Service team is to help its customers to optimize and therefore profit from the productive capabilities of your KMT equipment. We are pleased to provide you with full support of spare parts, service exchange components, machine refurbishing, and/or upgrading of your KMT machines. Our objective is to fully extend the functionality and economic benefits of your machinery through optimum output, quality, and efficiency. And, for more extensive upgrading or refurbishing, the work can be accomplished at KMT’s facilities, or your own whatever best suits your needs

Please ask how your company can benefit from our service products. We will assist you to find the best of ways of optimizing the profitability of your KMT equipment.

For more information on our upgrade offerings, we invite you to download the pdf-files to the right.