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UVA LIDKÖPINGg AB market, develop,machines mainly for the automotive and bearing industry.

UVA LIDKÖPING AB is working world wide, manufacture and install high precision grinding with manufacturing, service and sales facilities in Sweden, Germany, USA,  India and China.

Vacancies at UVA LIDKÖPING

Konstruktör mekanik till Bromma

Elkonstruktör till Bromma

Eftermarknadssäljare till Bromma

Programmerare styrsystem till Lidköping

Service- och maskintekniker till Lidköping

Precisionsmontörer till Lidköping

Application of interest

When there are no vacancies, please
send an application of interest to jobs@uvalidkoping.com,
which we will respond to as soon as we have an
interesting and suitable job.
Your application of interest is saved for 3 months.