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LIDKÖPING SSB 200 Internal


Internal grinder

Technical Data

Work piece dimension - OD 20 - 160 mm
Work piece dimension - loading width 100 mm
Work piece dimension - grinding width 100 mm
Machine weight 6850 kg

Machine Concept

Slides systems

Linear motor driven hydrostatic cross and length slides, repeatability accuracy 0.05 μm.


Two options of dressers available:
- Hydraulic motor driven full profile diamond roller dresser.
- Electro-spindle driven cup wheel dresser.
Both dressers are mounted on a hydraulic pivoting unit fixed on the cross slide.

Grinding spindles

A wide range of high-frequency spindles are available. Grinding wheel peripheral surface speeds up to 80 m/s.

Work head spindle

The hydrostatic work head spindle, made by KMT Precision Grinding is servo motor driven.

Gauging method

In-process 2-finger electronic gauging head. The gauging unit operates through the work head spindle.

Machine control

Graphical user interface provides user-friendly controls. Control System, Siemens 840D.

Chucking principle

Shoe centerless or centric chucking. In both cases, the work pieces are loaded/unloaded through chutes. A hyrdaulically driven V-type loader is handling the work pieces between the chuck and the chutes.

Grinding Operations

Internal grinding of  bearing rings (or similar) of various types and dimensions.